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Advantone is an Industry Leading Technology Services Provider consistently delivering cost-effective IVR Solutions.

about us



about advantone


Founded in 1986, Advantone, formerly known as Prosodie Interactive, is an Industry Leading Technology Service Provider with 25 years of hands-on experience working with top multi-national organizations in North America. We partner with clients throughout different industries such as Transportation, Government, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial, Direct Response Media / Advertising and Telecommunications to name a few.



Advantone has years of experience in helping these organizations improve the customer experience of their Contact Centers by automating applications to increase call containment, providing efficient Call Routing, and offering Virtual ACD and Predictive Dialing solutions.




Advantone offers a global approach to manage efficiently the contact relationship between consumers and companies. Our multi-channel solution encompasses: acquisition, alerting, call allocation, automation and analysis offering our customers solutions that combine usability and an interactive experience while providing direct access to information.